Hypersonic 2 Arpeggiator Beat Sync

Hi All,

I know Hypersonic is a pretty old VST but I have a question regarding it.
So if anyone knows the answer, please help :slight_smile:

I tried using the arpeggiator patches in hypersonic while working under Cubase SE host.
I can hear that the tempo track in Cubase does affect the arpeggiator so I know they are tempo-sync’ed.
The problem is that I try to use the beat option in the arpeggiator, that if I understand correctly means it will retrigger upon key pressed but will quantize it to the next beat - which sounds like a good idea.

The problem is that when I use it this way, I can hear that the beat is not in sync with the Cubase; it seems to be somewhat delayed.

I’m using an Axiom61 keyboard, and I’ve routed different channels from that to the Cubase using Midiox routing Midi Yoke.

I tried synchronizing the clocks, and tried different device manager. But I can’t find a configuration that will make it work.

Does it sound familiar to anyone?