Hypersonic 2 - Halion 6 - Cannot submit a ticket


I recently updated my Halion 5 to Halion 6 and therefore I lost my Hypersonic 2 license.

I tried to submit a ticket to get Add-on license for Halion 5 so I can use it but there is no way to submit it. I just get a button with Sternberg distributors and if I click it, I get around in a loop.

Please help me!!!


Note that if you crossgrade to the Absolute 3 collection you can start using Hypersonic again right away without having to wait for support to respond. Personally the number of instruments in Hypersonic 2 that I prefer over their Halion Sonic 3 counterparts is really small.

For official support, depending on the country you live in it might be easier to just call them:

Thanks for response but, I don’t want to spend another 350 EUR just to get Hypersonic 2. I don’t mind (for now) other instruments that I’ve get with Absolute 3. I just want my Hypersonic 2 back because I love the sounds and how it sounds.

I tried to call them but couldn’t reach them for now…Will try again…

I contacted our local support and they have no idea what I’m talking about. The support in Wien is unreachable.

I’m really disappointed by Sternberg support… Hardcore user for 20 years and when I need help for the first time I cannot even call someone or post a ticket…


Ed Doll is a legend!

He is indeed :slight_smile:

Just to mention, Hypersonic is still a good soundsource and i also love the sounds inside of it and how it works.

I really miss Darbuka and Latigo. Wizoo recorded the Miami Sound Machine for Latigo… Some Estefan today? :wink:

How do you solved the Problem?
I can’t load Hypersonic 2 after i updated to Halion Sonic 3.

I forgot to mention that Halion Sonic 3/Halion 6 and Halion Symphonic Orchestra already include almost all of the Hypersonic 2 content in higher quality, with more samples across the keyboard, much more velocity layers and many articulations. The worst sounds have been replaced with Yamaha Motif XF sounds.

Using Hypersonic is no longer necessary for anything beside the synth presets, but they sound pretty dated.

Same here and even worse, When I try to open older projects that has hypersonic 2 on it then Cubase crashes!!

If I had known that upgrading to Halionsonic 3 from version 2 meant that I would lose my hypersonic license I would never have done it.

I have lots of old projects that I want to remix, so I need this fixed.

So how did you solve the problem?


same here worked fine before now wont open in standalone mode ,it flashes then goes off in Cubase 10 I have to use jbridge for it too load but its unstable…

any help?

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