Hypersonic 2 - how to query


if poss could someone please advise how I can have all my hypersonic 2 patches load up when I open my song on Cubase 5.

Presently when I open the song each track is still assigned to Hypersonic 2 but all to the same patch (Welcome To the Matrix) which is one that is not even being used in the song.

If poss, please advise.


What version and build of Cubase 5 do you have installed? What version of Cubase were the projects originally saved on? What operating system are you on?

sorry -

build 105
Win 7 pro

the projects have only been used with this version on this computer.


I would suggest updating to 5.5.0 then 5.5.3 from Cubase 5 | Steinberg

Are you having any trouble with any other plugins? Are you running both in 32 bit mode?

other plugins work fine eg. Halion, Groove Agent (they remember which patch to load for each track).

Edirol Orchestral doesn’t save patches and automatically load them with the song file but that’s a different kettle of fish…

The computer is 32 bit so I assumed everything would automatically run in that mode.

Oh yeah, 1 patch does actually load automatically with Hypersonic but I can’t figure out why that one does and the rest don’t!

What specific Hypersonic 2 patch are you loading? Can you start a new test project with 1 instance of Hypersonic 2 set to that specific patch and save it, then post it here? Thank you.

just made a new cubase file and set up 2 hypersonic tracks

one using the patch that does load on my other song (‘house piano’) and one patched to
‘bandpassed lead’ (which doesn’t load when opening on my other project).

Saved the project and reopened it. None of the patches loaded - both loaded with the patch “welcome to the matrix”

Tries to attach the file but it says “the extension cpr is not allowed”

PM Sent for you to send me the .cpr