Hypersonic 2 included in Halion Sonic 2?

Hey, does anyone know if Hypersonic 2 can be found in newer Steinberg software products? I looked at the Halion Sonic 2 product details and there didn’t seem to be any trace of Hypersonic 2 as one of the included software instruments. Is there any way to get a version of Hypersonic 2 in one of these newer software products by Steinberg?

That’s a big negative. Hypersonic has been discontinued long ago as the company that owned the license, Wizoo, was bought by Avid and now you will know them as Air Music Technology. Halion Sonic is the successor but there’s none of the Hypersonic sounds included.

Hope this answers your question.

Hypersonic 2 is not in Halion Sonic, however you do receive the licenses for Hypersonic 1 and 2 when you buyand register Halion Sonic.

Thanks paulevs, indeed you answered my question. But Season’s reply has raised another one.

Season, would it be possible for you (or anyone) to clarify what this means? To receive the license for Hypersonic 2 when you buy and register Halion Sonic? If Hypersonic 1 and 2 have long since been discontinued, what is the purpose of these licenses being provided in Halion Sonic? And are these licenses for Hypersonic 1/2 included in the newer Halion Sonic 2?

That’s incorrect. Almost all of the Hypersonic 2 sounds are included with Halion Sonic in higher quality, with more samples across the keyboard, much more velocity layers and several articulations. Some of the worst sounds were replaced with samples from the Yamaha Motif XF.

A Hypersonic 2 license is included with Halion 6 and Absolute VST Collection 3. In Halion 6’s case, you’ll have to contact support and request a Halion 5 add-on license, which will allow you to use Hypersonic.

But you don’t have to use Hypersonic, because like I said above, Halion and Halion Sonic come with all of the best Hypersonic 2 sounds in higher quality. They sound MUCH better than Hypersonic in a good mix.

The old Hypersonic strings are included in higher quality with the current version of Halion Symphonic Orchestra, which is part of Absolute 3.

Completely incorrect and false. Halion Sonic come with NONE from Hypersonic 2 Wavetables or oscillators or patch/presets. Both are very different beast at all.

I have got a bunch of old tunes that used hypersonic. Thing is, when I try to open the tracks I get multiple errors, “batch cluster … something”.
Does anyone know Cubase well enough to help me look at how I can get the old tunes to open with Hypersonic?

Halion Sonic 3, has some patched that look like Hypersonic 1 or 2 patches. But you will have to hunt them in the library and there is no to noe connection with Hypersonic. The sounds can sound the same, but you have to search the whole HalionSonic3 Library to find them piece by piece.
So there is no exact the same Hypersonic patches in HalionSonic. Alltouht some sounds might sound the same.