Hypersonic 2 included in HalionSonic??


I recently bought Halion Sonic. I kept reading everywhere on the internet that when you buy Halion Sonic you also get the license for the old Hypersonic 2. Is this true because I cant see the license on my USB elicenser. Also if so, where do you get Hypersonic 2 from?


Not absolutely shure about this, but I did the UPGRADE from Hypersonic 2 and retained the license for it within the new license for HALion Sonic. I think that is what people mean. I don’t think you get a “free” license for Hypersonic when purchasing the full version of HALion Sonic.
Good luck finding a legit copy of Hypersonic 2. I have seen a few pop up on ebay now and then, but not very often because it’s been discontinued for quite a while. I got lucky a few years ago and snapped one up. Only other hope is that someone might sell thiers, but if they are like me-you’ll have to wrench it from my cold dead hands- I still use it quite often. :slight_smile:

It’s as Bob said.


Yep, as Bob sez.

Plus, Hypersonic 2 doesn’t run in a 64bit environment…I know, I tried on W7 64.

However, it does work in W7 32bit I’m pleased to say…because as mentioned, it’s a choice piece of soft synth…one of several keeping me in 32bit world.

Thanks for the info!!

Thats a shame! I was really looking forward to Hypersonic 2! One of my friends has it and I thought it sounded great.

I’m not that impressed with Halion Sonic I have to say…

Hypersonc 2 runs great on my W7 64-bit system. Just use JBridge.


This could be huge.

I shall investigate…

Thanks. :sunglasses:

Interesting. Can I still buy hypersonic 2 to install on my w7 x64 system?

Aljames- take a look at my earlier post up top. You really got to keep an eye out for a legite copy!!!

Can you be a little pregnant? You either have, or not the licences. That’s legitimate enough for me.