Hypersonic 2: Mac OSX Mountain Lion

A few month ago I updated to “Mountain Lion”.
Last times I only install the OSX update over the active installation.
But this time I used a clean install - I think that’s the problem!

If I try to use Hypersonic 2 as a VSTi-plugin, Cubase is asking about the content (screenshots).
The saved song asked again and again - the path is lost!

I can’t use the “Set HS2 Content Location.app”, because Mountain Lion is not able to run the old app.

Any idea?

_Library_Audio_Plug-Ins_VST_Hypersonic_Hypersonic Content.png

This has happened to me and really sucks. Hypersonic is no longer supported by cubase and therefor it means that old projects are compromised. i am trying to make sense of what someone wrote in a post here. >> http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=127&t=45567&p=279838&hilit=hypersonic#p279838

not sure if it means that halion sonic has the hypersonic sound sets etc…

another option is to use jbridge (mac version here > http://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridgem/ ) so that you can use 32bit plugins in 64bit daws.

What i usually do in your situation is select the plug in from the inspector, click on the plugin/instrument iself which leads to a folder browser window asking you to locate the content folder, then I select the folder for the path which you can search for in your finder or explorer called “Hypersonic Content” as in your image (ignore the content location link in this folder as it does not work anymore, you put a ring around it in your image) … once done… I have to toggle to any sound, and then back to the desired sound to make it stick. Now the content folder will stay locked for the duration of your DAW remaining open… I still find buggy things going on … and it makes my daw crash sometimes :frowning: … so now im just on the lookout for similar patches on other current virtual instruments.

Please post any other solution you may find to this issue :slight_smile:

Confirm this happens, but it isn’t necessarily related to Mountain Lion. I had Hypersonic 2 running fine on ML on my old MacPro, but when I started using the newer MacPro, I get this message the first time I open H2 in a new project. Once I’ve located the folder, it seems to remember where the folder is until the next day. Very annoying, I really like H2 for some of the sounds and it’s small cpu usage.

I seem to have lost the original installation disc (still have the authorisation on elicencer, obviously) and I can’t find a copy of H2 in the legacy ftp download section - they have Hypersonic 1 and 1.1 but not H2. Does anyone know if it’s available anywhere?

Found a solution.
I have an old imac running SL that allowed me to see the contents of the
com.steinberg.plugins.Hypersonic 2.plist
found in Library/Preferences:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Content Location "whereveryourcontentis"

where “whereeveryyourcontentis” is replaced by your actual location.
in my case an external hard drive called mac stream

/Volumes/Mac Stream/Steinberg/Hypersonic/
so mine looked like:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Content Location /Volumes/Mac Stream/Steinberg/Hypersonic/ \ \ then compared my plugin and the plist ownership properties with other such plists and plugins... fixed them with batcmod and restarted. seems I am good to go. hope this helps others.. rsp