Hypersonic 2 not in Cubase VST folder

I’m using Cubase 7.0.3 and when I install Hypersonic 2 it’s not coming up in the VST folder in Cubase but I can use it as a stand alone what do I do? Thanxs.

Run C7 in 32 bit mode and Hypersonic 2 will work almost perfectly*. The bitbridge in the 64 bit version of C7 can’t “see” Hypersonic.

*Access to Sends, EQ and Inserts from a VST Instrument Rack instance of Hypersonic 2 are not available from the Project track list or Inspector but are available within the Mixer.

Just thought I’d add to this thread. I got Hypersonic 2 working in C7 64 bit by using a program called jBridge. Just Google jBridge and go from there. Great little program that costs very little.