Hypersonic to HALion Sonic

First I must say, “I MISS HYPERSONIC!” … I also miss REVERB A (especially the mono ver) , the orig Groove Agent,and others… I mean, who decides what goes and stays… I am not at all impressed with Halion Sonic.
but I digress…

My Question is, “Why does Hypersonic (v2.0.0.600) run on my laptop, but not on my Desktop?” …
Whenever I have the Hypersonic VST plugin in the VST folder at start-up, it crashes Cubase 5 or 6…


ps: I think I’ve seen posts of people still running Hypersonic and maybe even Groove Agent… if so, HOW??

are you also running snow leopard on your laptop?


Anybody out there with an idea?


ok on windows: HS2, GA3

Hi, I’m not impress with Halion Sonic too… :frowning:
I’m using Hypersonic successfully with 10.6.8…

Wish I could run it on my Desktop! It just crashes every time.

While I wasn’t digging HalionSonic when I first bought it I have really grown to like it recently. One thing that has made all the difference is a proper weighted-action controller keyboard. It really makes HS come alive.

I understand why you’d miss Hypersonic, it has a uniquely warm and funky flavor that HalionSonic lacks, but if you just see the later for what it is (not a replacement for Hypersonic) it is a fine instrument that trumps the competition in many ways.

If you want Hypersonic’s Wizoo-flavor, you need to get ProTools and its expansion pack.

out of curiosity which is the competition that you view it trumps? Sound is a matter of taste, so my opinion isn’t more or less valid than yours so I am really just curious… what it is better than for me is Sampletank stuff and Wusikstation stuff…but I am not sure what else I have that I prefer it too.
just curious.