Hyperthreading and/or turbo boost

Hi eveybody.
Is it possible to enable intel hyperthreading and/or turbo boost with cubase 11?

I work with cubase 9 on intel 10900kf cpu (windows 10 pro last update), avid hd native pcie and i have to disable both hyperthreading and turbo boost to achieve good performance with realtime processing (64 buffer size).

I hope someone can answer me so i can decide to upgrade or not.

Any help or info are really wanted and appreciated.

Using lower latency/buffers means that often hyperthreading isn’t ideal - as it’s not great with real-time apps. I have it switched on on mine and the performance is better (32 samples buffer). Above about 64 samples buffer size it tends to help.

I don’t understand your issue with disabling turboboost ? I have mine set ON the entire time - disable C-states etc.

Which processor do you use?

I followed steinberg (but also avid) advices to turn off hyperthreading, turbo boost and c-state.
I tried every combination and if don’t disable them both, the real time process goes to overload very soon with not so big sessions (32bit/88200hz)

I have an avid hd native. The panel control doesn’t allow me to go under 64 samples buffer.

Turbo boost overclocking makes my cubase 9 unstable with random glitches and still real time process overload going crazy.

I now work fine with 60 vst instruments working together and a still stable daw, but i don’t like the fact that i can’t use my pc at full power.

It’s strange to me that you didn’t disable anything and everything goes well. What are your specs?

the mean run it on full the entire time

my pc works at 3.70 ghz with 10 logical cores when i turn hyperthreading and turbo boost off.
Cpu clock reaches 5.00 ghz with 20 logical cores when i turn them on.
What does it mean?
Which is more powerful and faster? Can you please give me a technical answer, so i can understand too.
Thank you.

Read this carefully:

This is relevant for every DAW
Guess it helps


Thank you for sharing it. i read it very carefully, but it’s a bit outdated. Machines work a bit different now. Anyway i want to clarify, that my machine works well now and i don’t have any big problem that i don’t know how to solve. I just did by myself allal the things written in that book.

What i wanted to know is how’s cubase 11 behaviour working with hyperthreading and turbo boost. Did anything change in better, or are we still at the same point as cubase 9 and 10?

I ask this, because i read an old answer by one steinberg’s developer saying that from cubase 10 hyperthreading and turbo boost could have been turned on, but i read users saying they still had problems in that sense.


on PC it’s exactly the same

Higher clock speed means a faster processing.
There is nothing outdated here.
Machines work the same way till now.
The benefit of having multiple cores is that the
Cubase (or other DAW) can handle more than one synth instance effectively (or other tasks optimized for multithreading).
Maybe it is one synth optimized for multiprocessing (such as Kontakt, see its multiprocessing options)


Thank you again guys, i use steinberg’s vst instruments and plugins only, the ones that come with cubase and nothing more.

Cubase 9.0.5 doens’t allow me to work with hyperthreading and turbo boost on, that’s all. i just setted up all the settings mentioned in the book.

I was hoping that someone in steinberg could answer me about cubase 11 before updating, just to have more infos.

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