Hypnotic dance installer?


I recently purchased Hypnotic Dance from a previous owner. We transferred the full license from his Steinberg USB key to mine, using the elicenser software. I can see that Hypnotic Dance fully activated on “My Steinberg” page.

The problem is I was only supplied with a mac installer the previous owner burned on a CD for me. I use pc, so where can I find the Windows installer for Hypnotic Dance?

An answer would be greatly appreciated.

hello, same question here, im transferring Cubase 9.5 artist to a new computer, i cannot see where to download Hypotic Dance again (and a MP3 upgrade patch), i have all those lycenses on my dongle,
thank you

I bought it second hand about 10 years ago, I dont have a clue. But isnt Steinberg obliged to fix that for their customers?

hello, thank you for your answer,
i was told to use the steinberg download assistance (SDA) to see the option for the “hypnotic dance” download,

I don’t think there’s a installer for this anymore. Now it’s just a sound file for halion (sonic se) download that, register it and you can use it in halion (sonic se)

Cool runnings, man. Hope you get it flowing