Hypnotic Dance Soundset - Problems...!!!

Just bought this expansion and am experiencing problems with it, mainly :-

  1. All the sounds (if you can find them) seem to load in mono

  2. Dropdown menu for Flexphrase is permantly greyed out so can’t select differing phrases on different preets

  3. There doesn’t seem to be any indication on any preset that tells you what soundset it belongs to so have to click through all the sounds until the green macro page/flex phrase displays that a sound from that expansion pack is loaded, which is frustrating, laborious and time consuming.

Am I missing something or should they be marked/highlighted/colour coded to guide you ? (Should be the case for any expansion pack? After all, who want’s to scroll through hundreds of presets looking for a green macro page ! )

Any one else have or had these problems and got it sorted?

Cheers in advance of any replies !