I 8 Cubase Pro

We back to the past, especially under OSX, and we are back to make beta tester for free. Sorry guys but old bugs still there, since 3 years, nobody correct bugs since version 7.0, at this point I think programmers doesn’t know how to fix it.

This is my beta testing in the first hour of work on Cubase Pro 8, under OSX Mavericks, with Macbook pro 2012, 8gb ram, SSD Harddrive samsung 500 Gb.

During plugin scanning:

  • crash when ilok plugs request ilok authorisation like Clariphonic and UBK, no crash with Metric Halo or Drumagog

  • crash on loading Pusher.

  • Graphic performance response is slow, latency on buttons click when first time. GUI Problems of course.

  • CPU performance not as I expected, not double than before as steiny says.

  • Buffer sized at 2048, with “built in” asio driver loaded, 1 addictive drums, 1 Kontakt Giant, 1 Alchemy Piano, 3 audio tracks unplayable on Macbook pro, CPU spikes and occasional sound drops.

  • Asio Guard does not have any effect on this even on or off same problem.

  • when song is saved and reload the graphic scene is not saved, like window size and positioning.

  • Rack Instrument not resizable, toooooo big, please back to 6.5 version. Why “Add Track Instruments” have 2 buttons with same function in same same position?

  • Melodyne still crash when erase plug from the slot.

  • song load much faster than before in Cubase 7.5, but not faster then same song under Cubase 6.5

  • External FFX does not have the save preset function, already requested many time from many users, you can only save In and Out settings, still same window since Cubase 5 never updated.

  • Retina display is not supported.

All looks like a minor update of Cubase 7.5 not another software, not another version of cubase. And i’ve found this in 1 hour of use, I can’t imagine the rest of the platform.13Gb of space request? I want just say this, processors limits are there, no other great performance will be in the next years, I suggest steinberg to sit down, and start thinking how to obtain a real optimisation from their platform, making the Gui faster, light, retina compatible, add features really useful, and open the mind to third parts plugs, because people in the world use Native Instruments, Meldoyne, PSP etc etc. This is the way to make a super big platform. I don’t know the situation under Windows, but Mac OsX version is not Pro.

I agree with most of this.

Regarding ASIO guard and it’s related performance improvements, if I’m understanding it correctly, using a 2048 buffer size or even half that ASIO isn’t going to do anything for you and actually will probably make your performance meter bump up a little bit. Where you start to see the benefits of ASIO is at lower buffer sizes when you are trying to reduce latency for recording and external controllers.

How I’d like to see Steinberg priortize:

Bug fixes > GUI refinement (fully dockable) > performance > modulation automation tools > other workflow improvements > media content (samples, midi, etc.) > plugins

I would also appreciate it if the did considerably more QA before releasing their products.

I’ve found another bug, launch itunes, play a song, launch Cubase 8 and volume of all will rise up 6db with RME Fireface UC. Let me know if you have some.

not here
are you using “Control Room”?
when you launch Cubase, all Faders in the RME mixer go 0dB. same happens in Cubase 7, 7.5
try listen itunes on 0dB (RME mixer/Volume Control from your mac), than no rise up will happen

you can turn that off if you want:
Devise Setup - Fireface UC Control Panel - Options uncheck 0dB (but i would not do that, if you use Control Room)

for the rest, got an Macbook Pro Retina too, CPU spikes like hell :cry:
only solution, 2048 and Asio on High, than it is like 7.5 on 2048

  • overall the same bugs like in 7, 7.5 + a few more :unamused:

but i like the new plugin manager (create own plugin folders) & chord pads is nice… :mrgreen:

its a bit of a shame, cubase could be the best DAW period :cry:

I wonder if steinberg programmers EVER read what users say here. The same bugs as 7.5. Complete waste of money. And no retina support???!!! Really???!!