I accidentally updated Groove Agent 4....

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I accidentally updated Groove Agent 4—and then updated GOOVE AGENT 4 SE. Now, overtime I start up Cubase this error shows. Please advise.

“Some Content could not be loaded, Either, licenses are missing, or trial licenses have expired: Groove Agent Factory BeatAgent Presets
Groove Agent Factory Set Presets”

FYI-I did go update my elicense, etc.

Jamie Hoover
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No one helped you back in 2016. No one is helping me in 2016 with a similar problem.
GAse4 does not show in my LE9.5. It worked for about 2 weeks then suddenly disappeared. I did install the trial of Songwriters and it worked for about a week. Then Boom gone!

It shows in my Artist 7 Cubase but doesn’t load. I select it to load, nothing happens.