I am considering of getting Icon Platform M+ for Cubase Pro 11... would it be worth it?

Hello, currently using maschine mk1 as MCU here on my Cubase Pro 11.
I am lately thinking of owning motorized fader controllers and what do you all think of Icon Platform M+?

I know it does not have all MCU functional shortcut keys such as ‘INSERTS’,‘EQ’, ‘SENDS’, ‘FX’ etc…

So I was wondering,

Can you just automate volumes and panning…?

How do you control/tweak with knobs/faders of M+ without the shortcut keys of MCU system…?

Sorry I am still very new to this :slight_smile:

With M+, can you still automate like MCU, all EQ, sends, volumes, pan, insert values…?

I tried an Icon Platform M+ but I had to return it because it was buggy. I finally bought a Presonus Faderport8 which doesn’t update the faders in MIDI mode but works well in MCU mode.

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