I am EastWest's Online Coordinator

Hello, I probably should have been here sooner but since I encounter Cubase users on so many other forums I did not enroll here. Also in full disclosure, I am strictly a Logic Pro use and so I know noting about Cubase, although I have seen it in action and it is a terrific DAW.

Anyway, my purpose for being here is two-fold:

  1. To give you information EW would like you to know and to pass on information from you to EW that you think they need to know. (Please focus on being constructive and not “venting.”)

  2. When you file a support ticket and are somehow falling through the racks and not getting a response, if you email me your system specifics and a clear description of the issues, I will try to get you the help you need.

My email is: jasher@eastwestsounds.com


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Contact this helpful EW rep at his email address. Angry replies to this thread were removed. If you want to complain about EW please use their forum, this forum is for complaints about Cubase. :wink:

Is it now official that this forum is for complaints about Cubase?

my response said “thank you can only be a good thing” - and yet it was removed???

My post was not angry, I stated it was nothing personal and conveyed multi user experiences on east west forums along with a wish that issues and attitudes mentioned be addressed.

I vote for this thread to be stickied, closely moderated and monitored. To me it seems since many of Cubases problems are caused or aggravated by third-party modules, it would actually make a lot of sense to add selected reps of other manufacturers in separate threads as well.
Having said that, let me say that my recent interactions with EWQL were stellar, even though I would have preferred to not having to contact them in the first place… :wink:


I think all DAWS users have problems at times integrating various versions of all the third party stuff with their DAW of choice. There are so many ways for it to go wrong, computers configurations, OS versions, audio drivers, plugins that do not like each other, etc. I am amazed that anything works :slight_smile:

Hi Eastwest Lurker, Does eastwest have any plans to release their libraries for Halion 5? I think there is a market for this.

As you know it’s a great sampler but lacks good libraries!

No, sorry but EastWest exclusively uses its own sample engine, Play.

No is a default, so Always a reason to try, anyway thanks for your fast and clear answer!

A quick question: Is PLAY 4.2.2 a VST3 instrument? Couldn’t find the info elsewhere…
If not, when? :slight_smile: EDIT: Just realized I could check in Cubase, but am not in the studio right now…


Not sure but I will ask.

thanks for replying, but I just checked, it’s VST2.4.
You COULD ask around if there’s any plans to upgrade the engine to VST 3.5, since Cubase users could then use note expression and other goodies with the EWQL libraries, which would be awesome!

I will do so tomorrow morning and report back.

Welcome Jay.

Just yesterday I contacted EW support, they responded very quickly & took care of the matter overnight.

Good to hear!

Just wanted to write that the EastWest stuff is working great with Cubase and had a crash while opening lol :laughing:

Same here. I gave up trying to run it in Cubase because of this, but now that i want to use it in Cubase, the GUI is an empty grey box in Cubase 8.0.10. No response from EW Support yet.

Email this to me and I will get you some help.

Hello, I have the old EWSLSO Gold and Silver Symphonic Orchestra for Kontakt, and I want to know if there is some change in the library on the EWQLSO Symphonic Orchestra for Play version ?
Thank you.