I am going to have to ask...one staff... Flute 1.2.3.

I get the players centered concept here. I understand about solo vs sectional vs ensemble. I simply have not found what I am supposed to do here. In an orchestral context am I supposed to put 3 solo players in setup and Dorico combines them in layout or do I create a Flute section or am I faking it with one solo or sectional staff and editing the name. Someone walk me through this. Perhaps I have missed a command somewhere. :slight_smile:

You’ve missed a feature. We’re all waiting for it.
They’ve brought us Divisi but we’re still waiting for Condensing.

There are workarounds at the moment but they’re basically the same as in Sibelius - you’d need extra staves that don’t appear in the score etc. Search the forum for condensing and you’ll get a fuller picture.