I am hearing dry signal on top of amp plugin

I have a recorded dry guitar track that I imported in cubase. I have loaded the guitar amp plugin in the inserts and I can hear the amp signal but it is mixed with the dry sound. I looked for similar problems from other users and they all say to turn off the monitoring on the interface but the monitoring on the interface is off and besides, this is a pre-recorded track so it isn’t going through the audio interface input.
How do I get rid of the dry signal? There is no obvious setting anywhere that sets the mix between dry/wet on the inserts.
I am using the PRS Archon plugin from Waves and it seems to be the only plugin that has the problem. Other plugins from Waves do not pass the dry signal but there is nothing in Archon to set the mix either.

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I just found the answer after 3 hours of searching. This is a tricky little problem and specific to Waves and Cubase. For anyone who may have the same dry signal leaking problem in the future, you need to go in the routing editor and disconnect the right channel for the plugin.
I hope this helps someone in the future.


Really? This is not the real solution…
If you recorded your guitar to a mono track use a mono plugin…
if you recorded it to a stereo track use a stereo plugin…
try to avoid mono to stereo plugins in this case

Using the mono plugin results in the same problem. That was the first thing I tried. The right channel has to be disconnected in the routing otherwise the dry signal will bleed on the right speaker. The problem is specific to Waves PRS Supermodels.

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If you use the mono plugin in a mono channel there is no right channel

And yet, I had this problem which is actually acknowledged by Waves and they recommend the fix I described.

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But still, the mono plugin has no right channel and a mono channel has no right channel either
both are mono ?

I don’t know what else to tell you. I have a mono wav file of the guitar dry signal feeding to a mono plugin and I am getting the dry sound out of the right channel and the processed sound out of both channels. I have been using the plugin for years but I am new to Cubase. This problem does not exist in Reaper which has been my main DAW until now. Waves Audio specifically has a guide about this problem.


I created an account to post in these forums literally just so that I could say THANK YOU!!! I was pulling my hair out about this for days.

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