I am not paid to be the beta tester

It’s not only Cubase 10 that’s rubbish, so are the UR44 sound cards, Made the mistake of buying 2 of them and even after the latest update the processor noise whenever I move the mouse or do anything is completely unacceptable. .Plugged in my old soundcard and it’s perfect, so I would like my money back as well. If you buy anything in a shop that doesn’t work you return it and get a refund so why not here.
Cubase 10 also doesn’t show the GUI on waves sibilance but does on 9.5 and pushing z doesn’t enlarge the track. I expect one or two bugs but this is ridiculous.

The UR44 noise problem will not be solved by a software or firmware update, and there are no details in your post that would enable anyone to help you with it. In my case, running balanced cables to the monitors stopped the noise, which is what balanced lines are meant for.

I have 0 problems with my UR44. When you get sound when moving mouse/browser its usally the graphics card that act up.

I beg to differ here. I have been Beta testing this DAW since SX1 days, nothing has changed here fellas

AND I pay to do it :astonished: