I am not sure how to use VST instruments .dll files

I have a few virtual instruments and I am not sure how to use them in CB like the .dll files. Is there something different that needs to be done? Have not been using CB for very long and cannot seem to find that right way to use them.

Thanks in advance for all advice/answers.

You need to use the Plug-in Manager to set the path to wherever you put the dll files

@raino. I am familiar with adding regular .dll files, but the files I have are .wav files. Are .wav files added the same way. I tried the way I did for VST files and it did not work for me.

wav files are not VST Instruments and they really really really aren’t dll files. However Instruments like Kontakt, Halion, Play, BFD3, etc. do use wave files. But how they use them is entirely up to them.

If you just want to listen to the files you have, the Cubase Media bay will let you audition them. If you want to use them in a Project you could Import it into the Pool.