I am now a proud owner of C7 :)

I like it very much.

Most of what has been happening since 6.5 seems well thought out, so I am a happy camper.

But allow me to make a suggestion for the channel strip:
Urgrade the noise gate into a proper noisegate/expander
Let us decide how much the sound is attenuated when the gate is “on”
The reason I am asking is this: a strict noise gate is not very good when dealing with vocals.
For drums YES… for vocals NO

If you… uber gods at Steinberg could give me just one more knob on the noise gate letting me decide how much to attenuate the signal when the gate is closed I would like C7 even more.
I could also finally do away with a lot of third party plugs and just use what is in the C7 package

i know it is long until christmas, but… please? :ugeek: