I am so inexperienced at this (Total Newbie)

Just bought Spider V 120…great amp (for me) but, I had a Spider Jam before and it was so easy to record loops and transfer to my computer. So wanting more versatility, I thought, Wow, Spider V has a USB connection! So easy to interface with computer and record loops and do all sorts of Newbie things. Wow, was I wrong.
My computer i7.3.6 GHz, 16GB Ram, Asus B-85 Plus MB…now here’s the kicker…Realtec HD audio built into the MB. I am having all sorts of problems trying to get Cubase to work. I am so lost. My question is; do I need to purchase a dedicated sound card and disable the internal sound card on MB? Thanks ahead of time for any help.

You need to use that device as the ASIO audio interface in Cubase- Studio Setup>VST Audio System


Thanks for the info, Steve. Though, I found the problem through a video on the web. It seems that at times on a new install the spider V driver doesn’t register. So as the video suggested I reinstalled the driver and it now shows up in the VST window. All is well and I am starting to really learn and enjoy this program! Thanks for the reply!