I am trying to sort the USB MIDI connection in C12

I have a MOTU M4 interface that has MIDI inputs on the interface. But I (instead of using the MIDI port on the M4) want to use the USB MIDI input on my PC DAW. I just realized that the MIDI Port Setup dialog is very different than it was in C11. What’s odd here is that in the MIDI setup window, the only MIDI connection I can see is the MIDI input port- not the USB MIDI connection. Can anybody explain to me how to have the USB MIDI connection show up in C12 when my interface has a physical MIDI input? In advance, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…

Apparently, checking the box next to " Use Device ‘Direct Music’ " is the solution.

In my case, my NC2x needs to be disconnected from the USB (1st), then power up the unit via a wall wart (2nd), and then reconnect the USB cable (3rd). What I find here is that, if you have the NC2x connected to the DAW via USB when you load C12, the USB will power up the NC2x. It seems to me that if the outboard keyboard is powered by the USB connection first, then C12 wants to use the MIDI connections on the keyboard. I hope this helps.