I am very happy to have decided to wait

I read all the reviews and problems with version 7.5 and I am very happy to have decided to wait … Anyway, the best is still to await the first revision. 5.7.01 It will be … Before that, it is a risk to the health of our work and our work. How many hours, how many days lost?

Incidentally, Steinberg has he improved markers and their naming, or does it still wander in a stupid window? I do not see this mentioned anywhere.

No offense, but this is pure poetry! :smiley: :wink:


??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

How have you read all the reviews on 7.5 when it was just released yesterday?

What problems could there already be other than the one you’re trying to falsely create here?

I haven’t even been able to install it yet, let alone review it.

And version 5.7.01?

Sounds like things are a little backwards in your world- and here’s 5 minutes I’ll never get back.

Fight with yourself, and let people talk, please. And take over politeness.

My apologies cmbourget. I did not realize that you probably meant the new reviews right here on this site from Cubase users who have already tried it out.

Not trying to start any fights, as there’s enough of that already on line - actually too much.

But I just thought you might be ‘trolling & just stirring up the shi*t’, as seems that some do from other DAW forums when new releases are announced, in an effort to try & make others feel bad about there purchases & updates.

I thought you had read reviews on the internet in general, and I thought, “Now just how can that be already?”

And when I saw 5.7.01, I thought you weren’t quite for real.

My bad!

But you meant 7.5.01 right?

Same here but not because of the reviews.

By my count I have read waaaaay more positive reviews than negative.

And after being around this place for coming up on three years now
I was quite shocked by this.

Many many Cubase users seem to really like this update.

I am looking forward to updating but I too will wait (like you)
till the dust settles.


Yes, maybe I was more sensitive to negative comments. I also expect this version with me much hope. The new track control is extra, it is certain (as in the console, but also as in Pro-Tools, finally). But I think I read that there are continuity problems with memory presets and also with the UAD systems. This is why I said in my imperfect english, it sometimes takes the first revisions that correct the normal versions of new problems. That when there was a lot of work and less time to experiment software instead of experiencing music.

I understand better. It’s ok. Thank you for a clarification.

Well it turns out that you may be making a wise decision here.

Myself, I’ve never had any crashes with any of the 3 DAWs I’ve owned - up until now that is.

And reading through the Cubase Issues, [both solved & reported], there’s a lot of issues & things that need to be addressed.

If I cannot identify & stop these crashes from happening, I’m simply unable to continue working with this current version [7.5] as it is, and will have no choice but to roll back to 7.0.6.

Personally, today, it goes well with 7.5. There was confusion at installation level preferences and keyboard shortcuts and I lost part of my duties EuCon (why? Mystery ) . But I find that there is good, as the visibility of tracks in the project window. I would have liked an invisible track is silent automatically (if there is one thing I have not seen ), but Cubase is full of silly things . Color management is ridiculous (too much click anything ) , instead of being able to leave open a panel. The fact of not being able to see the markers in a midi editor window is also stupid. Instead of adding toys from the instrument side ( leave that to others, it is not essential : we have 1000 options on this side ) , should complete development Steinberg Cubase . First listening to the customer . I forgot the worst in my DAW to a specialist in the South : It does not preserve the original midi files ! No room in the library for midi files. Only this issue will make me return to Pro -Tools , which is a great management midi files and their modification.

So I see you decided to go for it after all. Glad you’re off to a good start.

I don’t have any complaints on the color options, although it would be nice to have more choices of colors than just a dozen or so.

But for my tracks, I just click on the little arrow at the right side of the track header in the Inspector, and the color choices ‘fly out’ to the right.

Seeing the markers in the editor window would be a good thing.

This is something that most DAW companies seem to be doing more & more of unfortunately. Sonar is continually doing this - adding instruments & effects that are not at all needed or necessary, as most have a collection of their own 3rd party ones anyway.

Almost all agree that fixing the core elements and previous bugs are priority #1 with DAW upgrades/updates.

Myself, I refused to upgrade for the first time in 6 years to Sonar X3.

Instead, I’ve jumped ship to Cubase, and went for the upgrade to 7.5, but not because of any added instruments or effects - just for the new features.

I have all the instruments & effects I’ll ever need, both 3rd party and DAW included ones, so any upgrades that focus on these things, I will be passing on.

But I suppose these are decisions made by the companies to attract new customers.