I bought a Steinberg UR22 MK II

Before Steinberg UR22 MK II, I had two sound interfaces, but with each one there were some problems. At Lexicon Alfa, I couldn’t get the driver to work, and the Focusrite Solo 2gen, fell off the system periodically, it only saved the power off and connection again.
I bought a Steinberg UR22 MK II, the first thing that surprised me was the weight of the card, you can feel the iron at once. Assembled on excellent. Driver downloaded from off-site, he got up right away and no problems. The card is picked up by all programs (PT, Ableton, FS, GR, Cubase) at once, without tambourine as ASIO4All.

I’m using this too. It’s now being replaced and no longer for sale. I haven’t had any problems with this interface! Solid.

For me is the best audio interface too. It’s really a pleasure to get a sound with it