I bought Cubase 13 but I don't want to install it - does the Download Access Code expire?

Hello fellow Cubasers,

I just took the plunge and got my self C 13. I am in the middle of a project and don’t want to install it just yet in case the space-time continuum will collapse.

On a serious note,

Does the Download Access Code expire? Or can I use it any time?

With thanks!

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The code doesn’t expire. You can redeem it at any time. If you wait until the next Cubase version is released, you’ll get that one (thanks to the grace period).


Ah OK , cool

Many thanks! :pray:

I guess, however, that after April 28 you won’t be able to activate the “partner products” which are included in the current sale.

Maybe those products don’t matter to you, but I think it’s a detail worth mentioning.


Oh thanks! Didn’t know that.

I have two separate drives with W10, I will get C13 on my secondary drive to avoid any complications and download the goodies.

Perhaps it is better for you to check, before proceeding, that those products are actually… lost after April 28th.

It seems so to me, but I may have misunderstood.

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Hey cheers , will double check :+1: :+1: