I bought Cubase 8 - Where is it?

I am using Windows 7 , forced to now buy a new computer (Thanks ASUS/Microsoft & Steingerg) but I have to mix a few tracks I worked on Cubase 8. I downloaded the installer for Cubase 8 and doesn’t work.

This is my question to Steinberg, where on Earth is Cubase 8???

I bought Cubase 8, I want to download and install Cubase 8, where is it???

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Go to the main page, support, downloads. Choose downloads. From unsupported products choose Cubase. There you will see Cubase 8 pro which you can download. I found this quite easily by just looking on the download page.

Thank you so much!! I will have a look.

From steinberg.net not forums.steinberg.net by the way just in case you wondered.

Thaks for the link, I think I may have found it,

Fingers crossed…

OK, I managed to download it, many thanks!

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