I Bought THR10C Used

I recently bought the Yamaha THR10C 10W used from Guitar Center. It didn’t include the Cubebase AI disk (among other things). Is there a way that I could get the disk as a Yamaha customer? Please let me know. Guitar Center was even reluctant about supplying me with the missing power adapter.

Victor Alarcon


You can download the full installer. Do you have Cubase AI 7 or 8?

That’s just it. I don’t have anything. The amp came without the disk.

I’ll check the link. Thank you!

Edit: Oh, I thought the link was for the Cubase AI. The full installer is costly.

Go to “my Steinberg” area and try to register the serial number of your THR10C.


Maybe an activation number and links to Cubase AI will appear on your account after that.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

I tried, but the website only offers registration for Steinberg products, and doesn’t even mention Yamaha.


Yes, that’s correct. But you should see your Cubase download link here.

Please add the link. Thank you!


Sorry, i mean there… In your MySteinberg account. What is your Cubase AI version? 7 or 8?