I bought upgrade cubase 12 from cubase 11 , but i shows not upgradable

I have Cubase pro 11 and I bought Upgrade to Cubase pro 12

This is the Receipt

I put the download code into Steinberg download assistant

and then it shows like this

CUBASE 11. and not upgradable.

PLease solve this problem . Any Steinberg officials…PLS

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can’t update e- licenser
can’t activate cubase 12 pro

why is that?!

can somebody help please?!

Use Steinberg license manager


This is the Solution. Thank you sir!

Just some context: When you enter the DAC for the Cubase update, the license on the USB eLicenser will be set to “non-upgradeable” and the Cubase 12 license will be added to your account with Steinberg Licensing. This is just to make sure that the same eLicenser is not used multiple times to update to Cubase 12. So all fine.


OK! I got it!. fine now~ thank you sir.

Where is the native M1 mode? It looks like is Intel in activity manager of Apple?

Search in helpcenter for “Cubase-12-Using-the-native-Apple-silicon-version”
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