I can hear the ur242reverb but cant record it into the daw audio. help!

the reverb on the ur242 is sexy as , but while i can hear it in the monitoring sound the recording in the daw is totally dry and missing this effect so how can i record this effect with the vocals into my daws audio recording

i’m using reason 10

you can hear it because it is added to the main output after the DAW, just for monitoring…

You should read the manual on how you need to setup the interface to record the reverb or should make use of the included reverb plugin to add the same style of reverb in the DAW
Normally it is not wanted to record the reverb, most people will add the reverb in the mixing stage with different settings and better tailored to the different signals

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thanks you have been very helpful

having purchased ur242 in 2019 i cannot find the box and all the papers, i have emailed steinberg support ticket with the serial number requesting an explanation of what i need to do to aquire this elicence to use the vst’s

it never used to appear in reason 10 so i assumed it wouldn’t work as it said at that time that it was cubase only but it does show up in protools now so as i have that i want to use what i think i purchased and if i didn’t totally purchase it all how can i top it up so i can have that sexy reverb. christ its draining to sort this out and it should be easy

its kind of frustrating that u buy a product and cannot use the service and they dont explain how you can resolve it and where u can get an e licence for this one plugin to work? do i have to pay extra?

i dont know and you would think that companies want your money first and foremost…

Did you ever read the documentation delivered with the interface?
There was a card inside the box with a licence code for the included plugins, or at least a licence activation code, something like that.
If you can’t find it, you have to wait until the support team answers.

i could kick myself for not looking after the box and stuff it came with but in 2020 i had to move out very quick during first wave cos i was living with a psychopath/whatever was wrong with that person, in the process i dumped stuff i couldn’t use and since this reverb never worked in reason 10 i forgot about it/never even used it and i didnt keep the box and papers. it was only through live streaming i found the reverb for monitoring and realised how good it sounded.

now i cant use the vst product but i can prove i purchased ur242 from ebay for £130 new

i can prove serial number etc. but the support team i would be shocked i get a response from them…