I can no longer hear VST instrument playback

Hi, and thanks for the help. I was able to find and create input tabs.

Now I have a new problem. I’ve installed a Volt 4 interface. It works fine with audio, but I can no longer hear VST instrument playback. Cubase is showing that the midi output port to Volt is “inactive”.
Can you or anyone tell me how to activate and inactive port?
Thanks for any help!!!


The Inactive MIDI Port means, it’s not in use. I don’t think this is related to your issue.

Is the Constrain Delay Compensation disabled, please? Is the Buffer Size set to reasonable high level?

Maybe a screenshot where we would see the routing might help.

Hi There,
I agree. I don’t think the midi port is the issue, as I was able to activate the relevant ports and still no VST audio getting to the volt monitor despite signal showing up in both the midi track and the connected instrument track.
I’ll send screenshots ASAP
I have no idea what “Constrain Delay Compensation” is. All buffers are at default settings.

I’m starting to think that the issue is between my computer and the volt, and having nothing to do with Cubase.
This problem started after connecting the Volt 4 to my computer. Ican hear guitar fine, as that is “direct monitored”. What I can’t hear, is audio that originates inside my PC. I’ve gone into my computer settings and fooloed around with all different combinations of sound inputs and outputs, but nothing has worked.

Thanks for all your help so foar!

Please switch off Direct Monitoring in
Studio → Studio Setup

Can you hear the instrument if you play it live?
Can you hear it if it plays notes from an instrument’s track (playback)?

Hi there,
Direct Monitoring is not checked. That being said, when I click on it, nothing happens. I cannot “check” or “uncheck” it myself. It just happens to be unchecked.

We need a screenshot from you. Similiar to my screenshot above (Studio → Studio Setup) but on the left hand side select “Audio System”.
Post it here, please.

The best is to consult the Cubase manual on this matter.

Hi There,
Here you go

Can you please answer my questions from above?
The Monitor button is active on your tracks…

Hi there,
To answer your questions; When I play the instrument live, I get signal coming into both the midi track and the linked instrument track, but no sound.

I’ve played the instrument with the volt connected (using the Volt aiso driver) … I get signal, but no sound

I’ve played the instrument with the volt disconnected (using the computer’s interna generic aiso driver) … I get signal, but no sound

This is true whether the monitor button is active or inactive in the tracks. In “studio setup” the direct monitoring box is unchecked and I am not able to check or uncheck it.

When I play the instrument live in standalone mode, I am able to hear it through my computer speakers.

I’ve played the instrument

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Update: I found a post that said this problem was a bug in Cubase.
I upgraded from Cubase LE 11 to Cubase 13 Elements.
I still have the problem. When I open the mix window, prerecorded midi info shows up as a signal in the midi track and the instrument track, but the signal doesn’t appear in the stereo output track.
All of my inputs and outputs seem correct and active vis a vis Cubase and the Volt.
Direct monitoring is off. Constraint delay is inactive
Please help!

Of course, not. It just works on many systems.

Did you check the routing?

Does the Volt work in any way?

Hi Steffen,
I’m sorry if I’m missing something obvious. In the mix window, do I actually need to route tracks to the stereo outs?
Again, sorry if I should know this!
Thanks for your continued help!


If the Stereo Out is your audio output, then yes. Same as the Audio tracks.

Problem Solved!!!
I needed to go into “output routing” of the instrument track and assign it to the stereo out bus.
I don’t know why I couldn’t seem to do this with LE 11, but it works now.
Thanks for all your help and attention!

Normally, if you create a track, you can choose in the dialog box, along with some other stuff, where it should get routed.
Default is the main out (main stereo bus).