I can not sign in to the Steinberg activation manager

ican not sign in to the Steinberg activation manager
click on the sign in but nothing hapend !!!
NOthing open in my browser

What is your default browser? Do you have any anti-virus software that may be blocking Steinberg Activation Manager from launching the browser?

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My default explorer in internet explorer
Sdm open in it without problem
No antiviros
But idont know about firewall

Which version of Windows are you using?

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Win 10 64 bit

Do you have any other browsers installed? Could you try setting your default browser to one of your other browsers and let us know if that works?

Yes ive chrome ok ill try it and let you know
Tnx for your support

No worries - thank you for patience and perservance!

Installed on enother pc that has non steinberg product instaled on it
And it worked …
But in my system it doesnt work
Can you give me a direct link for sign in
Into the sam?
I installed c12 before installing sam
(Mabey this is the problem)

What are the specs of your current PC?

Could you zip up the logs folder from %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Activation Manager\Logs and send them to me via PM?

Mainbiard asus primeh570

i sent you log zip file via pm

Hi ben
It solved
Im from iran we have network problems here
I intalled vpn and ran it ,it worked fine😍
Thanks for your great support

Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad to hear you’re up and running.

I have the same issue, SAM sign in button does not open browser. I’m running Windows 8.1

  • have tried Edge and Explorer browsers
  • I’ve allowed SAM app through Firewall
  • I’ve set Chrome to allow pop-ups and redirects (not sure if this has anything to do with it)
  • no anti virus installed

Any ideas?

Possibly due to the app not supporting your OS.