I can see Audio Activity but I don't hear anything

Hi gurus,
Proud owner of Cubase 8 & the UR44.

Running Windows 7… have my Yamaha Motif ES MIDI’d up with no issues… I can see (and use) the MIDI activity whenever I press a key.

However, I have the standard audio output of the Motif running into the UR44 (inputs 1 and 2 respectively), gain up to registered levels.

I can see Audio Activity on the floating window (that shows MIDI activity, measures, clock, tempo, etc) but I don’t hear anything.

Also, I have Superior Drummer 2.0 running as a VST… and MIDI controls it just fine. I realize that Audio and MIDI are two different animals… I’m just throwing it out there if needed for suggestions.

Can someone point out where I’m stupid… and you can’t use the fact my parents were related before they got married. :slight_smile:

Thanks gurus,