I can’t use my cubasis in app purchases offline

i can’t used any of my cubasis in app purchases offline which i bought them all, and for that reason every time i reopen a project that has any cubasis purchased plugin, a message window will show up saying MISSING PLUGINS making me restore the plugins every time i reopen a project, but if im not around and connected to my wifi im not able to restore purchases, which paid for but im not able to use my purchases on lees im connect to the internet, why is that and why they didn’t let you know that before buying ?

Hi @SLPGroundSoundMusic1,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Normally, it should not be required to be connected to the internet to use our in-ap purchases with Cubasis.

Please let me know which plug-in/plug-ins create the issue.
In addition, please check if connecting to the cloud (once) resolves the problem.

Thanks again,

thank you for making me understand what was the problem that i was having , basically the problem was that cubasis wasn’t connected to my icloud because i did disconnected it from my icloud for saving battery purposes; but anyway that so much :pray:t2:

Hi @SLPGroundSoundMusic1,

Thanks for the update.
Glad to read that the problem could be solved.

From here, it should be no longer required to connect to the iCloud.
It would be great to have your confirmation again, that this maintain to works for you.

Enjoy making music
& stay well,