I cannot activate Cubase 12

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Cubase 12 is using Steinberg Activation Manager instead of eLCC.



Sorry, I don’t know the language. But this seems to be Cubase Elements 12 has been activated.

I am very sorry for the language problem,and it is Chinese。I am very grateful that you were able to respond to my questions!It remains in the unverified stage for two days,I’m not sure if it will work,Hopefully it will succeed。Thank you again for your help!

I assume that you made an update/upgrade to Cubase Elements 12 and did not use the activation code to update/upgrade the license on the eLicenser.

If the Cubase license you are updating/upgrading is not currently on your computer, you might need to do a reactivation first. Once the old license is reactivated, the activation code can be used to update/upgrade the license. Once this is done your license will no longer be shown as “Verification Pending”.

You can take a look at the following article for further information on reactivation:

If you are still having difficulties, contact your local Steinberg Support Team.

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