I cannot even get started on using the VST Amprack - it's driving me crazy!

I am at my wits end and need help using the various amp simulators, specifically the VST Amprack.

I have successfully been recording with Cubase 10.5 (started with Artist and upgrade to Pro), so I know my signal in and out protocol is correct. In theory I should be able to send the clean guitar signal to various, amp, cabinets and pre-effects but I get nothing.

Where am I going wrong? I create an audio track, then in audio inserts call up the Amprack, but can I activate it to hear different guitar sounds? Can I hell.

I’ve scoured YouTube for videos I’ve been through Cubase help but for the life of me I can’t sort it out.

Can anyone help? I obviously going wrong on settings somewhere, but I have no idea where.

You’ll need your track with the relevant inserts to be set to “monitoring”, so it passes through the input from your guitar, rather than playing back what’s previously recorded on the audio track (similar to the way, that studio tape machines used to work).

Make sure that you have direct monitoring for your audio interface disabled. If it is on the guitar signal will go straight from the input to the output bypassing any plug-ins like the VST Amp Rack.