I cannot record !!!

I have tried and tried to get cubase to record but it wont !! every time I try I can see my interface pick up sound from the mic and it records but when I try to playback I cannot hear anything at all even though its obviously picking up sound from my mic I attached a screenshot to show you what Im seeing
Screenshot (2).png


Switch Off the Monitor button (orange speaker), while playback.

I have tried that but I still hear nothing. I see that something has been recorded but if you look at the screenshot the waves look weird and not normal I do not know why

The wav looks like a perfectly normal recording of a percussion instrument.

So have you ever heard any sound from Cubase or is it only your own recording you can’t hear?
What is your interface?
Have you selected the correct driver?
Are the outputs showing in vst connections?

Hit pf4 and check the output bus is actually connected to your soundcard.

I cant hear my own recording that is all I have tried so far. all I want to do is record vocals but I cant hear anything when I playback what I recorded. I have the Strindberg Ur12 and I have the right drivers I know this for a fact because I can record just fine in other software. I do not know how to check if my outputs are showing in my vst connections. How would I do that ?


Check this video tutorial, please.

You’ve been told how - hit F4 - can you read?

Even though he can, can you blame him for not understanding you meant F4? Please lighten up.