I can't access MyAccount. GMail address closed years ago!

Hi Gus, Mikhail (Hans) here.

I believe I was one of the first persons that purchased Dorico when he was born. I did not really learn it because I was bit intimidated to learn such difficult new software, but now (after many years using Sibelius), I want to re-install Dorico 3 because I watched dozens of YouTube instructions and I do believe I understand the amazing power of Dorico much better now.

I have big problem however. I did not use my Steinberg account for years now, so I do not have that GMail account (email address removed) anymore. Google closed that account long time ago. You will notice (the attached pics) that when I want to access my account, I have to enter verification code sent to that closed gmail account!

Someone told me I may create a new account but that also does not work because when I register my eLicenser in my new account, it reports back “There is already such dongle registered in another account”

I really need to access my account to download my Dorico again. I also understand I have to use new registration, which I have no idea how to do. I still use eLicenser dongle. I am so excited to learn Dorico so I don’t want to loose it!

Will you please help me in this issue because I cannot access forums or Steinberg help without my account active? Perhaps carry mu Account details to my new one (email address removed).

One last question. Are there any free updates I missed for Dorico version 3?

I TRULY want Dorico 5 Pro. When funds allow, I WILL purchase it!

My warmest regards.

First you should take your email addresses off the forum; they just invite spammers or worse. Wait for @dspreadbury or another team member to contact you, which is sure to happen; then you can send your email addresses by private message so your situation can be handled privately.

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Hans, I’m sorry you’re having problems regaining access to your account. Please contact our support team via info at steinberg dot de, and include as much information as you can, including your registered eLicenser numbers and/or the activation code(s) you received, and our support team will be able to help you. Please be patient, as it may take a little while for you to receive a reply.

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Thank you Daniel. Good to hear from you again!

Good advice. Thank you for removing it!

This is exactly my worst nightmare, if I’ll change my mail address in the future. Glad to notice that some backup parachute is present! :slight_smile:

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