I can't believe how quantize swing can be such inefficient (if i am not mistaken)

So… If i am not mistaken, in cubase, for me to be able to quantize midi notes in swing feel, i need to do this.

  1. Click on the track
  2. On the inspector of that track, go down to “MIDI insert”
  3. Click on one of the drop down and select quantizer
  4. set the swing parameter to my liking.

HOWEVER, if I want to have some notes in this track to be in triplet rhythm, or anything else but swing, I have to do an automation to turn this quantizer on and off, otherwise my triplet ends up being quantized as swing… SERIOUSLY?

In studio one shown below, you can simply quantize any note to any percentage of swing and have the next note to be something completely different, BY JUST ABOUT 2 CLICK.

Ever since I bought cubase 12 from studio one I been trying to convince myself that I made the right choice with my money, but every once a while, the poor efficiency of some mechanism in Cubase just reminds me of Studio one… It’s not like the function is not there, it’s there, but placed in a way thats unnecessarily hard to reach.

The Quantizer is not note specific but affects all the midi notes in the track, hence the trouble to switch between swing feel and triplet rhythm, by the way.

It sounds like you are using the Quantize MIDI Insert, which is for quantizing playback in real time. Seems like you’d want to use the regular Quantize Functions instead which will let you adjust the positions down to a note by note basis if you want. Just select the Notes and apply a Quantize Preset. You can even create your own custom Quantize Presets. Might want to take a peek at the manual.

Ah you are right, I did mistaken about it, just figured out how to quantize per midi event, thanks for helping! (and thank god that i was wrong about this)

Often in Cubase there are multiple ways to achieve the same or similar results and it is real easy to mistake the first one you run into as the only way.

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Yes, Its much better now once figured out how to do it this way, guess I will keep stick with cubase, I got myself a cubase 12 book which will come tomorrow, looking forward to learn