I can't believe this just clicked! Don't use the mute button!

Some time ago I stumbled into a thread where the topic was complaining about how the MUTE button functions on VSTs… this doesn’t simply mute the audio, it deactivate the VST (in some way), which if using triggered sequenced parts, such as drum patterns, long FX build ups or arps, would annoyingly go out of sync until reaching the trigger note. It could be argued as a good feature in the old days as it would save on valuable CPU resources. However, today, this functionality has no place at all! If we wanted to disable the VST (for an actual long mute), we would! The mute should simply not send the audio to a bus.


Use direct routing as your mute button!

I use direct routing a lot for extra send for sidechains etc (we need to activate the setting in cubase so that multiple routings can be on at the same time instead of a toggle). and, I just randomly used it as a quick mute, knowing it would work, with little thought as my mouse was there, and OMG! I was like yes! Finally the solution to the worst of pains, as if it’s been here all along. You don’t need to activate that multiple DR function to use DR as the mute. Just a bit of back story for you

here’s a quick youtube video showing

If there’s a setting to change the MUTE functionality already, please do let me know!!!

Thank you


You’re talking about muting the MIDI which of course will stop sending to the VSTi or indeed external instrument?

If you’re using instrument tracks, you simply need route to a group and mute

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Yes, and I’m asking for this to be updated, changed.

VSTi Track Preference setting. Mute audio or Mute midi.

Might as well just use the old VST rack and standard midi tracks. Creating a group track for each VSTi track, to mute it etc, kind of defeats the object of VSTi tracks combining MIDI and Audio in the first place… as we now have 2 tracks for each again (just to clarify… I do use groups, often lots of them).

Having the option is an obvious improvement.

Sorry I was in mid-post there and my phone decided to submit it unfinished.

I was about to add that how I do this is just using Volume Automation on the track. You’ll notice that pulling down volume on that instrument track does not interfere with the timing.

Once you have a basic volume drop set (as in my screen shot), it is easy to copy and paste to other areas.

But I guess that won’t help you much if you just want to quickly mute while experimenting, rather than actually mixing.

I mentioned Groups first, as I did not see any Groups in your video, although it is a little blurry tbh.

Changing the behavior of Mute on Instrument tracks could be problematic in some situations. Bearing in mind that an Instrument track is basically a MIDI track with an instrument attached.

I have marked your post a s Feature Request though. :slight_smile:

I didn’t realise it was a feature request, as your first post mentioned a “Solution”.

EDIT: More chat.

I do understand your dilemma here of course. With hundreds of dance style productions done back in the day (Riffs & Rays), using a lot of this kind of loop and triggers.

The big issue for me was not really the Muting but just the way that whole “having one MIDI note that triggers a loop” thing works. For example, you have a ton of 8 bar loops, and you want to start playback at bar 3 to listen to vocals.

So, my solution back then was to just Bounce the loopy /trigger stuff to audio asap. That way, if I wanted to go to bar 33 to hear a vocal, all that stuff would still be in time.


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Riffs & Rays, yes. Awesome!!! Your remix of “I Wanna Touch you” was my favourite of that track. Loved the slower stuff too, like “I believe in you”. I used to get the double pack promos, AATW, back in the day, then the CD’s, Power & Hyperactive… plenty of Riffs & Rays Remixes getting a good spin in town!

Once a project is getting serious, I usually have about 8 groups tabbed to the right of the mixer, main groups, with more pregroup groups in the middle of the mixer, everything get’s grouped into it’s own little thing first. The project in the video is very early stages, although quite an old sound.

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. We’d still get that issue when skipping back no matter the fix. I think silence from that part not playing would be better than it being retriggered out of time. I’m always telling people in a session, that they need to skip further back to trigger the sequence correctly… it’s something I’m constantly saying before they even go to do it. In this case it’s often in time to the beat and the bar, just not the phrasing.

This is done very early for the drums. Once the loop has evolved, I much prefer to chop the parts up on the project page. So yes, the mute functionality is for that experimental stage but I tend to get lazy with the SFX, risers etc, these might not get tweaked to the very late stages. I’m using Avenger VST , as this generates them, multiple layers, not a premade sample, enabling every last bit to be changed. Usually, it’s a… that will do for now with SFX, but the drums have to be perfect for us before moving on.

My solution of the Direct Routing was a surprise, but just for the mute, we can’t get the solo/unsoloing functionality in Direct Routing. This is why I’d still much prefer “VSTi Track Preference setting. Mute audio or Mute midi.” As the DR solution wont fix it there, unsoloing a track with many multiple other tracks now about to play completely out of time, it’s quite jarring and often very unpleasant. Only on the rare occasion does it generate a happy accident, spark of inspiration.

Thank you for making my post a feature request. I needed to look into doing that.

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I had a feeling you may know some of our R&R stuff after watching the video. Thanks for the kind words on that. Nasty Girl (Inaya day) and Masters at Work / Pump Up the Jam, did really well for us.

Yes, this whole thing is a tough call eh. And totally understand you saying you get lazy, actually it is not really lazy it is more a case of wanting to get on with it fast, I think. Especially, (again back to R&R), there were 3 of us and I was driving the computer, so I always felt the need to hurry.

I’ll think about this some more for sure.

Cheers for now.


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