i can't configure windows instead tabs


My name is Alejandro, sorry for my English I’m from Argentina. :smiley:
Since I updated Mojave on my mac I grouped the windows into tabs and I can not go back to what I was before, I tried many different ways but every time I close the cubase and open it again it becomes unconfigured, preferences are not saved of workspace. Does anyone know how to do to have the windows separated again?

look at the image attached, can’t separate tabs!! :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

thanks for all really appreciate your help!

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, Cubase doesn’t support tabs system.

thanks for the reply… sorry, but, I’ve been working WITHOUT tabs since … 2014? now i have to separate tabs all the time, how can i configure this?

sorry but I’m not making myself understood, I do not want the TABS, I want the WINDOWS SEPARATED LIKE ALWAYS.

no se como explicarme por favor que alguien me ayude, no quiero las pestañas, solo quiero ventanas separadas.


yes it does, you see the attachment that i put there? please take a look, i don’t want tabs, i want windows separated.


No, Cubase doesn’t support the tabs system. The fact that you can make the tabs doesn’t meant it’s supported. It’s not supported because not all functionalities work as they should. For example the functionality of removing the window from the tab. Therefore it’s not supported.

The only one solution is to trash Cubase preferences to get the default Cubase windows setup.