I can't copy pan settings to Cue Sends

Copying Mixer settings over to the Cues is no problem. It works just like it was described in the Nuage Tutorial. But I’m getting zero movement with regard to the panning control. I do the exact same function as the Mixer Copy on the Panner Copy and get no movement whatsoever. Also, I don’t understand why the settings in the Cue channel window don’t match the settings in the Monitor Sources channel view.

IE: Really simple test. I only used 1 channel with 2 Cue Sends. The channel in the mixer is set to -2.5 vol. and panned hard left. The cue send is active but showing 0.0 on the meter. I copy the Mixer setting and the Cue send goes from 0.0 to -2.50. I go back and tell the panner to match the hard left Mixer setting, I get no movement at all on this. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

In any case, once the vol. level changed to -2.5 on the mixer and on the Cue Send led readout, The actual fader on the Cue channel still chows 0.0 even though the fader is lower and the Pan is still center, even though the Mixer setting copied over was hard left!

Can anyone tell me how to get the pans to copy over?

Yes, I’ve had the same issues from the beginning I started working with Nuendo (Nuendo 5).
It hasn’t been solved since.

Though, I think there is a workaround.
I might be wrong and I can’t check it because Nuendo isn’t running at the moment, but I thought that changing your main mix from surround to stereo does the trick, but I understand that it’s not a proper solution for this very old omission.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Wow! :exploding_head: I would never have guessed! I’m following along in this Nuage Tutorial and everything was working just fine up to THAT one point. They were, in fact, in stereo mode. But, obviously, there was no mention of surround mode being a concern.

This kind of issue is why I’m going so slow transitioning from a desk to 100% ITB! I was studying this series because I was trying to see if I could track a full session entirely from the controller. If I could, I’d let go of my desk at the top of the year, since the two “stations” are rather crowded now. But now, I’m reconsidering the entire move. I think I’ll just keep tracking through my desk and mixing with my controller.

What a pain! :angry::-1:

But, obviously, there was no mention of surround mode being a concern.

My biggest frustration with Steinberg is that the marketing department has a much louder voice than the development team…sigh

I wish someone wise at Steinberg stands up and takes this opportunity to solve all these old, frustrating omissions.
If they like me to, I’m willing to make a list of them (and it’s quite long) :wink:

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I would like a key command for ‘use current mix and pan settings’ for the cue sends, unless I’m missing something, the only way is in the mixer dropdown menu

I think that the way to go is to select all of the mixer channels you want added to the Cue. Then right click on the Cue in the Control Room and select ‘From selected mixer channels’. Then from the dropdown select ‘Use Current Mix Levels’, then ‘Use Current Pan Settings’ then ‘Enable Cue Sends’. This will mirror all of the mixer channels’ level and pan settings in the selected Cue Send.

That works for me, but if you are looking for a KC I’m afraid I can’t help you.

Copying level and pan settings from one cue send to another also works.

Are you set for stereo or surround? The panner in the Cue Sends is totally OFFLINE! You can’t even force it to move with the cursor. My CR settings are for 5.1 surround, then stereo, then mono. As I stated in the opening, the mixer settings will copy over just fine. But the pan settings don’t work at all.

I just made a template in Stereo. I tried the exact same sequence you and the video tutorial described. It worked fine. So, I can now confirm Niekbeem’s statement that these instructions only work in stereo. :frowning:

Stereo on!y.

That is so odd!