I can't download the executable file

I have AVAST PREMIER 2015 and Windows 7.

After downloading successfully first set of VST instruments - Groove 4 Drum Kit - I immediatelly begun unloading first three files of the "The_3_Grand Piano " . The first 2 RAR compressed data files were downloaded successfully but AVAST Shield triggered the alert: “win32 evo-gen” attack, tagged and destroyed the exe file. Apparently this malware or virus is an oldtimer virus that affects the toolkit of Google Chrome explorer and others and activates the blocking of the file being unloaded.

I have removed Google Chrome explorer, ran CCLeaner to clean registers and again runned AVAST to confirm all malware is removed, then I have installed again the Google Chrome explorer. When I try to download again the executable file of The 3 Grand Piano package the AVAST stops download tagging the file as Error… due to win32 evo gen virus.

Please, can somebody tell me how can I solve this issue? I see other two clients having problems downloading the purchased files but there are no responses.

I have the same problem with the Groove Agent SE Acoustic Agent update for Cubase Elements 8.
There seems to be impossible to stop AVAST from stopping the Win32:Evo gen. (pardon my english)
I’ve tried to download the update for days now and followed recommendations from various sites on the Internet including Avast and Microsoft.


I also have Windows 7 on my computer.