I can't even figure out how to record audio from a VST

Ok, so this is what I thought would be the MOST basic of the MOST basic, hit record and the DAW records the audio, right?? no… Lol. I am trying to record audio from Cardinal VST and there is sound coming from my speakers but no audio is being recorded… I looked for audio routing option to another audio track I created but they do not exist… Idk why it has to be so complex to record audio from a VST with a DAW… Please help.

You know what else is most basic? To read the manual. Look up “render in place” or “audio mixdown”.

My answer has the tone it has because of your tone.

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It doesn’t have to do with the audio mixdown or render in place, I don’t think… Cardinal VST is a Modular emulation so you can build drones and stuff but there’s no MIDI note, essentially… So audio is coming out of the instrument track but not being recorded anywhere.

Lol I’m not concerned about tone… Nor do I understand why you’re offended by me getting angry at myself and not being able to figure out something I believe to be basic even after spending a couple hours trying to figure it out. you ok man?

Is the VST on an instrument track?

If so, you’ll need to use render in place.

I’ll look into but I don’t understand the complication… If there is audio coming out, shouldn’t simply be recorded? Seems really simple… I don’t understand the hoops to capture audio as the program is intended to do. I am genuinely confused.

I wasn’t able to find anything… If I play midi notes it will record that audio but if I make a drone patch with no MIDI notes, there is no audio recorded. It’s just frustrating to put so much time and energy into this and IDK why I’m doing it, it’s like my last shot at life but I can’t use the program, play an instrument, etc… I don’t want to give up because it’s the last thing that interest me in life but I can’t even figure out how to use the equipment.

Create a Group track and an Audio track.
Route the output of the Instrument track to the Group track and the input of the Audio track to the Group track. I would also disconnect the output of the Audio track to avoid any chance of feedback.

What you try to do is rather exotic and seldom. That’s why there is the need for a/m workaround.

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I will try that, thank you. It’s exotic and seldom? Really? I am a noob and confused as all get out, genuinely and I am going crazy… Don’t take it personal…

Having a VST (Instrument Track) that I am telling to play a continuous sine wave without my input and recording the sound that is coming out of the vst (instrument track) is uncommon? I feel like I am trying to do really basic things… Idk tho.

Yep. Either you have some sound on outboard gear and record that on an audio track or a virtual instrument and feed with MIDI notes. That’s probably 99.999% of how people work.

Doesn’t matter, exotic can be good. Good luck with it.

I told you in the other thread (that you deleted?).

On the Instrument Track with the VSTi - Draw in an empty MIDI Part. This tells Cubase what portion of the timeline to render.



Now use Render In Place.


Admin deleted… Probably too similar in in discussion… I was trying to find the right way to explain this… I really didn’t understand it’s an uncommon thing… Being new, I thought everything I’d be doing is common and elementary. Thank you guys, I am going to test this now.

Yes, that’s a very unusual thing to do! It’s normal to drive VST instruments with midi notes.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing what you’re doing though.

I haven’t gotten the method with MIDI to work yet but this is working! Omg, hours of trying to figure this out.

  1. Creating the Group Track
  2. Create audio Track
    3)Route VST to GroupTrack

Indeed – when I did so, the participants were also messaged. Hopefully the thread is coherent at this point.

@Nemotode90 you’re doing a deep dive into Cubase right when you’re starting out – baptism by fire, one might say.

Looks like your sussing things out!

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Lol it burns but I can never walk away when I am having an issue within this realm. SO MUCH to learn, can’t stop.

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My goodness, this program is finicky… Something I did had once again brought Cubase to it’s knee’s. Lol. Some update somewhere or driver somewhere isn’t allowing it to see my Audio interface anymore…

Is it common practice for people to log every move they make on a computer because I feel like I need a log and notes to refer to to troubleshoot Cubase every time I open it.

I am only using this machine for music and accessing these forum’s. Plug ins are legitimate… Connections are good and other DAWs work fine.

Moral of the story… I really want to use Cubase! but every time I want to use it, I have to spend an unknown amount of time to get it to work… I simply don’t have the time or energy to trouble shoot this software every time I open :(…I’ve spent more time fixing weird things I didn’t know existed than I have been able to learn about the rest of the music making process, let alone create anything…

…this is 2 months later… I’ve soley been focusing on Cubase, music production, and as of 10 days ago, switched to BitWig and have a sketch for a track…

…Meanwhile, Cubase is not playing along… This seems odd to me but maybe I am wayyy to ignorant and Cubase it way too advanced…

Lol I figured this one out… Is was a routing issue. I had to create a group track and separate audio track, routing the audio from Cardinal to the group and the group into the new audio track to capture it.

Thank you, Steve. I very much understand what you mean when you say baptism by fire haha. Well worth the initial hump though. Overall very happy with the software, now.

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…I am trying to do this again right now and having issues with the method… Now, I laugh tho… Although, even projects I had routed before and saved… They are no longer routed, either…?