I can't figure out how to use Loop Sets

I purchased and downloaded the Indie Loop Set. I setup the eLicenser and both my Cubase 6.5 License and The Indie Loop Set License are shown in My Steinberg. Later I looked a the loop browser and could not differentiate between the standard Halion Sonic content and the Indie Loop Set content. The material included in my loop browser seems to lack the premium content of the Indie Loop Set I need for my project which made me wonder whether the loops were incorrectly installed or the Loop Sets are exclusively for Sequel rather than Cubase. Can somebody help me figure it out? Thanks.

I don’t think the “Loops” is a HS stuff it’s just “wave loop” & you can find it in the “VST Sound” section in the mediabay browser ! I’ve purchase the Guitar one !

Thank you Home Studio 87. I appreciate you took the time to answer my question.


I’m not understanding Loop Sets at all. Sure, I can see them in mediabay, though how are they usable beyond dropping them into an audio track? Can they be opened in Halion SE2? Or is there some other way to have ‘çontrol’ over these loop sets (e.g. pitch, splicing, filtering).

Any ideas gratefully received.

Cheers :slight_smile:

If you have HALion (4/5) you can import your loops And make slice etc…

You can also import a loop directly to the project at the cursor position.
Right click on the loop you want and follow the click up menu.

Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile: