I can't find content sets in Cubase Elements 11


I am using Cubase Elements 11, and I am trying to find the content sets. It says they’re installed on the Steinberg Library Assistant, but I don’t know where to locate them in Cubase. If you could tell me where the content sets are supposed to be, that would be great! Thank you so much in advance.


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The Library Manager will also show you that.

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You would usually load up an instrument track first, such as Groove Agent SE or Halion Sonic SE then you can choose sounds/content inside those. Project > Add Track > Instrument

You should see things in the Media Bay on the right hand side too:

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Thank you so much for your help! There’s one thing confusing me. For example, it says Blockbuster is installed in Blockbuster, and it’s like that for every one. Thank you for your help in advance, and I’m sorry for all my confusion!

I haven’t used that Blockbuster pack before but in this vid the guy opens it up from the media bay and and then he sees a list of samples that he tries out:

What you’re showing in your screenshot is the file path where the pack itself was installed.

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