I can't find EQ-P1A or EQ-M5 in my Cubase 13 Artist

I can’t find EQ-P1A or EQ-M5 in my Cubase 13 Artist, but the site says it is available for the Pro and Artist versión.

Are you using a self-made plugin collection? Perhaps the new plugins need to be added to it manually?

I selected Cubase 13 Artist and installed everything in the Steinberg Download Assistant

I have found these effects myself, these are found as modules in the new effect “Vocal Chain”

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I can’t find any of the new plugins in Cubase 13 pro. They show in the vst manager but don’t point to being installed in the effects tree. Ive reinstalled Cubase 13 pro a few times. The vocoder,compressors, eqs or vocalchain dont show as being available in Cubase? When i select them in the manager, they dont have io information like the available ones?

Sorry to say: There should also be individual plugins of the EQ-P1A and EQ-M5.
Maybe you can search for them in Studio → VST Plugin Manager

The new plugins show up in the plugin manager but they are not available in Cubase directly for me? None of the new ones show in the list of available plugins outside of the manager.

Have you dragged them from the Plug-in Manager’s list on the left, to the tree structure (collection) on the right?

It wouldn’t let me drag to the tree list and the information on the plugins was blank. I had Cubase 12 pro installed, so I uninstalled 12 pro and 13 pro and reinstalled 13 pro and it fixed it.

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I can load them standalone, I have Pro, but doubt that makes a difference.

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