I can't find my activation code

I bought a Dorico elements 4 for upgrading from Dorico SE
I put my download acces code and found this information window
but I couldn’t find any options in any step for “Dorico Elements 4 Upgrade from SE”.
Please help me

You seem to have Dorico already installed, as shown in the background by the Download Assistant. If you downloaded it only you need to install it now. Unfortunately this is not visible, because your screenshot is cut at the right side. If there is a button that say “Install” you need to do that.

Now after installation open the Activation Manager (a tool installed on your machine), which might ask you for your Steinberg Login, and that is showing you your licensed product. There is an activate button that you need to click and after that you can start the installed Dorico. It will check the license and should show Elements as the release now.

There was an easy and quick solution!
Thanks a lot for your kindness!
That was a dumb question but you saved my several hours! Thank you