I Can't Find the Project Browser...Am I Going Mad?


Today, I went up to the Project menu to open the Project Browser. I couldn’t find it there any more. I next went to the Key Commands to help me out — nope. I then looked in all the other menu items and still couldn’t find it.

Can someone help me? Has it been moved somewhere else? I need to edit a long list of tempi and the thought of doing so in the Tempo Track Editor fills me with horror.

It no longer exists.

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Pardon? What do you mean it no longer exists? Are you saying it was removed?!

Exactly, in C13.

Well that sucks. That leaves me with a problem. It must have been a relatively recent change. I’ll see if I can edit my project in C12.

Thanks for the clarification.

Yes, it’s in C12 - sounds like a plan.

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From the release notes for Cubase 13:

The Project Browser will be discontinued, as of Cubase 13. Originally designed as a debugging tool for our development, from a technical point of view, it was no longer feasible to maintain the Project Browser with its current design, which is why we decided to invest the time and resources in more popular features of the application.

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Wow… I recently updated and has been looking for the project browser…

Originally designed as a debugging tool for our development,

Well, there are people who uses it all the time. If you work with soundtrack (my case), that browser was important.