I can't get Audio tracks from my GA3 MIDI track [Resolved]

Guys, your help please.

I have searched the Forums and (using the manual) and have got a little way to what I’m trying to achieve. I have just purchased Groove Agent 3 and I’m trying to integrate it into my Cubase 5 application. But I’m stuck.

I don’t think that I know enough at the moment to ask the right question(s) but here goes: :blush:

How do I get separate audio tracks for each of my drum outputs in GA3?

I can do this for my drum machine and have used it for the last 18 months or so. But it takes too long and hence the move to GA3.

This is what I have done so far:

Loaded a default project.
Press F11 and added GA3 as a VST instrument and get a MIDI track
(I only have TWO outputs available: GA1 [stereo] and GA2 [Stereo] though)
GA3 appears and I click Run and I get to hear a drum pattern.
I synchronise with the transport Stop/Start
Select GA3 Inspector and select Groove Agent 3 so it is present in the Input Routing and Not Connected in the Output Routing.
I can arm the MIDI track and can record a drum pattern on the MIDI track – so far so good. :sunglasses:
For playback, change No Connected to Groove Agent 3 in the Output Routing and we can hear what’s been recorded. I learned this from fiddling not by instruction, so is this the correct way to get an output?

But now I would like to have a separate AUDIO track for each of my drums; snare, kick, hi-hat, etc.

How do I do it? :confused:

Any help is appriciated :slight_smile: :wink:

I’ve been at it for awhile now and managed to move a step closer. :sunglasses:

I can now record audio from my GA3 MIDI track.

But I still only have one stereo track! :blush:

IS there a way to record individual drums?
I have 8 output audio outputs set up in GA3, so I guess I need to assign these somehow to an individual drum and then to an individual audio track. Is that correct? If not how should I do it?

Thanks for you help.

I’ve done it… Yeah baby!!! phew :sunglasses: :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:
I have managed to get GA3 to render separate audio tracks for each MIDI track! It seems to be meat and potatoes to you boys but to me it was a challenge. It took a lot of research and fiddling. Since I didn’t get any replies and I had a dealine, I had to do it. So, I have learnt a lot in doing so! :sunglasses:

So, thanks for your help (or not) if you know what I mean :wink: It forced me to learn the hard way!

For thoses interested, I have made a list of events to resolved this issue. If you find it useful, please could you post a reply. I’m just interested in anyone else having or had the same problem. :stuck_out_tongue: I just couldn’t see it in the manual. :blush:

From an empty project, press F11.
Select GA3 from the list.
Create MIDI track
In GA3, Edit and then Setup. At the top, select the number of Audio Outputs (square buttons) you require. Select Live to Host. Click Save current settings as default. Click Close.
To set which channel for which drum, go to the last column on the right called Out and choose your channels.
Go back to F11 and select all the outputs (it’s the little arrow box to the left of Groove Agent 3 text)
Label tracks accordingly.
Select Groove Agent VST Instrument, Change All MIDI inputs to Groove Agent in the Input Routing (in the Inspector) and select Not Connected for the output.
Synchronise GA and Transport.
Arm the track, and record.
Swap the settings in the inspector and play, you should hear your playback.

Here we go… :unamused:
From the File menu, select Export and Audio Mixdown…
Check Channel Batch Export, VST Instruments and all the required tracks. Then select Pool and Audio Track from the Input into Project section.
Click Export
From the Dialogue check Copy Files to Working directory and click OK.

To get a mono track, press F4 and go to the outputs tab, add a bus and make it Mono if you want to.

HI - I have just bought Groove Agent 3 and although I read the manual in full I had the same problem as you - how to seperate drums so that each can be edited (ie. reverb on snare etc. eq. etc.) - I wil try out your method now but I feel that it is a massive oversight on Steinberg not to include how to do this in the manual - anyway thanks for that - I hope it works for me as I was just going to post the same question on the Forum. Best Steve.

Hi again - no it didnt work for me - I use Cubase 4 studio. All was fine until i got to “choose your channels” - I only got channel 1 and 2 to choose from - the others to 12 were not shown - also — when I went to export audio there was no option for Check Channel Batch Export.

Surely you should be able to set up Groove Agent 3 so that it defaults to recording all the drums on their own track otherwise its useless when you want to add effects and mix down ?? I know that you can alter the volume of each drum within the GA3 but you can’t add reverb to individual drums or alter the eq within cubase or add whatever other effects you want to onto the VST track. Surely this isnt right - please tell me GA3 that this isnt true otherwise I’ve wasted my money on this - HELP HELP !!! :cry: :cry: :cry: