I Can't Get No, Scrubing Action'

As I sing it to ‘Satisfaction’. I need the simple task (simple for you) to get the transport to show a scrub wheel as a feature. Lost in my effort for this one little thing! Dang. Talkin’ in N11 version.

The scrub wheel was removed a few versions back. I’m not sure why. It was part of the old (and much better in my opinion) transport panel. Perhaps it was just because it wouldn’t fit well with the changed ‘all on one line’ design.

There has been a survey about the need for the scrubwheel, and 99.9% of the voters said that the scrub wheel was nothing but a waste of space. So the developers removed it. Or better, chose to not update it.


A consequence of that design decision is that many of us couldn’t use their hardware wheels for scrubbing any longer, though. :-/ My trusty old TranzPort has one, for example, but it can be used as a glorified FWD / FBW tool only.

AFAIK only the scrubwheel has been takin’ out of the transport bar.
Anything else was untouched.
If it hasn’t been so, then it’s a bug.
My CC221’s, Euphonix and of course Nuage are still working.


Fredo, Why since this was an option if you wanted one or not, it at least was available. I would believe most engineers would desire the ability to ‘pick the transports’ features for themself. And was it REALLY 99% that said it was a waste of space??? Fredo, could they redo the survey and see again, for those of us that used it? I remember when Magneto was removed and then offered in later versions.

Scrub is still there.
It wasn’t removed.
It still works.
It even works better and easier than before.

Only the wheel in the transport bar isn’t there anymore.
The survey showed that nobody was using the wheel where you had to circle the mouse to make it work. The simple left-right scrub (as it is now) was the preferred way of working.

And please, don’t shoot the pianoplayer.


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Fredo, Fair enough (I did my share of shooting many years ago in the U.S. Marines). I still wish the ‘wheel’ was an option!